Fanfic:BNHA/MHA-MY AU!!!Characters part 1

(Disclaimer: I don’t own BNHA/MHA, this is also original idea, I have made.)

Elizabeth Kaminari-

(This is her)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual

Mother: Lillian Kaminari

Father: Leo Kaminari

Siblings??: Denki Kaminari(twin, older brother, by like 2 minutes), Rose Kaminari(older sister), and Keigro Kaminari(oldest brother)

Birthday: June 29th

Quirk/Quirks: Electric Hypnotic Scream, Telepathy, and Telekinesis

Reasons Why she has 3 quirks: Her mother was able to use her quirk at will and throughout her whole body, which was the electricity quirk but she had no consequences. Her grandmother on her father’s side had telepathy, and she inherited that. Her father has telekinesis, which is more powerful than most of his family and can lead to tragic accidents if thats what he wants. She inherited all three but her mothers instead of being able to use throughout her body she can only produce loud high pitch screams, if thats what she desires, she can also control how high and strong she want to scream. Cause of her quirk when if manifested she destroyed her hearing, but in the end she was able to hear so much thanks to her being a Neko and everything.

Background: Watched her mother be murdered at the age of 5 with her siblings, then was kidnapped and sold on the black market two days later. She escaped and ran, she then found her two best friends and stayed with them tills she was 13, she then left with them to go find her siblings. She was almost 14 when she found Denki, and they then all decided to build and try to go to a huntsmen and huntress school, in which they then graduated top of their classes, and was one of the youngest huntsmens and huntress to ever graduate. Since they did, they had only 5 months before Denki and Elizabeth decided to try and go to a hero school. They knew it would easy yet at the entrance exam was easier for Elizabeth since she had full control of her quirks, however Denki didn’t pass with flying colors like his younger sister did. They both had decided to go to different school just to see how well they would worked with other people.

Likes/things she likes to do: Sing with her band, which is called “The Young Ones”, have boba, hangout with her brother and best friends, train with her brothers and sister, babysitter her nieces, and writing.

Dislikes/things she hates: Her dad, mean people, Shadow, her bullies, kidnappers, and fake people.

Crush/crushes: none for the beginning of the story

Nicknames: Eli, Lizzy, E, Satan(her best friends call her that when she is mad), Light scream(is her pro-hero name), and brat(her dad calls her that)

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